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The Fall Prevention Tool

Where WHOLE CONCEPT Fall Prevention Comes Together

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Click HERE if you are a company and interested in our Enterprise Edition.

Our Enterprise edition is for anyone providing fall prevention services.

Our Individual Use App is chocked full of Value.

Individual use app was previously only available for medical staff but we now have created a version just for you and your family.  Easy to use, easy to understand recommendations puts the power of your health in the palm of your hand.

Whether you are using an iPAD or iPHONE, you will get a sense of empowerment and control in your fall prevention solution.  No longer do you have to wait for a fall to receive fall prevention services.  You now have the power.

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Join the Movement for Change...

iFallcept brings "Whole Concept" Fall Prevention to the forefront.  So what is "whole concept" Fall Prevention?

We aim to bring physicians, clincial and non-clinical caregivers and Seniors together to create lasting and healthy aging in place solutions.

This includes comprehensive analysis of the home environment via a 500+ proprietary analysis and fire awareness component. 

In addition to home analysis, Seniors and physicians are encouraged to follow the CDC fall prediction assessment and build a home safety plan accordingly.