iFALLCEPT for Healthcare Organizations

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Powerful & practical tool at your fingertips

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The knowledge contained in iFALLCEPT is evidence-based and continuously updated, but it is not merely an aggregation and report of the latest research; iFALLCEPT presents a comprehensive program, followed by recommendations that can be acted on at the point of care. It combines an advanced publishing platform with the rigor of a sophisticated editorial process managed by a faculty of accomplished healthcare provider and professional editors who are leaders in their specialties.

In addition to an unparalleled breadth and depth of the program, iFALLCEPT offers subscribers mobile access options, tools and reports, complementary patient training, and much more.

The only fall prevention decision support resource associated with improved patient outcomes

Research supports what iFALLCEPT subscribers have been telling us: iFALLCEPT is the only comprehensive fall risk program associated with home safety measures that improve outcomes. Multiple studies have demonstrated that practices taught by iFALLCEPT actually prevent falls. Review CDC aided training to learn more about fall risk and safety. 

An indispensable resource for providing Caregivers with the knowledge they need to keep Seniors from costly falls.

Clinical and non-clinical caregivers can utilize iFALLCEPT to provide whole concept fall risk prevention.  There has never been such a simple, flexible and more powerful tool to combat this crippling epidemic as iFALLCEPT.

Room by Room evaluations of the Seniors home in our proprietary 500+ point, allow for the most complete home analysis on the market.

Fire Safety Awareness puts special spotlights on critical fire prevention components that every Senior should have in their home.