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It's a FACT: 97% of Users would recommend iFALLCEPT to friends and family

"We found problems that ended up saving me money and also some problems that could have resulted in an injury in my home!


We found a hot water tank issue, a handrail that was non-functional due to inappropriate size, stairs that needed attention and I didn’t even realize it.  Overall I was very satisfied with this process.

I had never heard of a fall safety home evaluation before, but I can now say it was well worth it!"


"Wow this is a terrific program and I wish my buddy had it before I visited him in Florida and slipped and fell in the bathtub.

As a (Ret) Major, I have to say I’m a very proud individual and this was not an experience I take lightly. This experience has changed my perspective on aging and what needs to be done.  

If you are serious as I am about safety you would survey your home today to avoid a fall tomorrow."

-Jack H.

"iFALLCEPT was a very useful program and it allowed us to see items we did right, without knowing!  We had remodeled our home 3 years ago and added many aging in place items.
We honestly didn’t think we would find anything, but after using iFALLCEPT we were surprised there were a few things that needed to be addressed! We would definitely recommend it."

-Mike and Nancy

"I pride myself on my home and really only had the fall safety check due to a friend recommending it.   I have been deemed "a senior" for a couple years now and didn't feel like it was really necessary to have my home checked for fall hazards.  Even though I was suspect of the whole "home fall prevention evaluation" I went through the entire report and have to say I will be making changes around my house. 

I really appreciate the report was easily downloadable, I'm a hard copy kind of person.  It was easy to read and understand.  I would recommend this app for anyone who is over 65 and wants to be proactive with their health....which they should!"

-Laura D.

"I bought this APP for my Mom and Dad.  I was worried about their health and that they would fall and I wouldn't be there to help them.  I had spoken with them about several items in their house but they always refused to do anything about it.  I thought a 3rd party would be able to convince them so when I saw the ad for iFALLCEPT I was convinced this could be my chance.  Your pricing is cheap enough where I felt like I couldn't lose. I bought it and took it to my folks house and went through room by room like the instructions said.

I printed out the report for them and we all read it together.  They finally agreed to let a couple things go in the house that was definitely a hazard.  I feel more comfortable now with them in their home.  I live quite a distance away so this is a big one for me. Would I recommend iFALLCEPT?  yes...i definitely would, especially if your parents live alone."

-Dee T.