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Everyone Knows Someone

Everyone knows someone who has fallen.  Most Seniors also know someone who's life has been dramatically changed from falling.

Most of the stories you will hear about when someone falls are very similar.  The overwhelming consensus was "I didn't think it would happen to me" and "I didn't even realize how dangerous that was in my own home". These are stories that are told all too often.  

At iFALLCEPT, we aim to change that.

We are putting the power to help stop a life changing fall in the palm of your hand.  We have built a comprehensive program that goes room by room and with a few simple clicks you can get a professional, easy to read report that clearly shows you recommendations and actions you can take today to make your house safe for tomorrow.

Don't miss out on what you love the most, by not taking action today.

Active or Not, Falls Happen

The statistics show that not all falls are due to physical impediments.  Falls can happen to the most active of people. Taking action and being prepared is what makes the difference.

Get started on our journey today.  Download the App from the App Store and join our private members forum to ask questions and get answers.

Individuals & Families


At iFALLCEPT, we understand the challenges individuals and families have with aging-in-place. Preparing homes with our proprietary 500+ point home safety system is crucial to ensuring the right measures have been taken in your aging-in-place home.

iFALLCEPT is your best partner in choosing the optimal prevention needed for your home. Our solutions are designed to provide individuals and families with the knowledge, training and recommendations for precise fall prevention. We help you to identify potential problems and provide you with recommendations to enable you to maximize home safety and minimize costs and potential hazards.

Healthcare Organizations


iFALLCEPT offers concrete and scalable technology solutions to ensure the success of your fall prevention program. We support professional and enterprise editions with a variety of business offerings working together. Our fall prevention expertise is unparalleled. 

We take a holistic approach to fall prevention. This approach puts in place our proprietary systems that anticipates and avoids potential problems as well as allowing seamless interaction with our online cloud admin module. Admins have real time access to reporting by employees.

Professional reporting and online cloud storage allows your office to effectively take control over client data.  Enjoy the benefits of our private online training and promotional materials allowing you to become the expert in your market.



Our physician access fall prevention app is coming soon!!